Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Out of town

So last week I was in Atlanta for most of the week and I didn't have any time to work out while there so I just took the whole week off. Meetings starting and 7 am and ending at 6pm it is pretty hard to find the time and on top of that dinner with the "team" every night. I haven't done this in a while and I have to say it was nice. The best thing about it is even with no working out and not watching what I ate I actually lost some weight. Also, I have to report that Jenn won the weight loss challenge. I did lose more weight but not as much of a percentage. Oh well, I hate admitting defeat but she won. I did lose weight which is good. I just need to continue to up until my triathlon in October. I am doing the Eagleman here in Hattiesburg put on by one of our local triathletes, Ben. I volunteered last year at this race and even though I didn't know what I was looking for it seemed to be a good race. I'm sure it will be good again this year. Ben wouldn't have it any other way. The good thing about this race is that it is a hometown race actually not too far from my parents house. I plan to do a lot of riding out there before the race and some running in the neighborhood. My neighborhood put in a 25 yard pool recently. How lucky is that. Not that they put in a pool but that they put in a 25 yarder. That gives me no excuse to not swim. The wellness center's pool is the same length. I will just miss out on all of the old ladies doing water aerobics. I hate that. Just kidding. I'm glad they are exercising. They do more than most.

I guess I don't have any exercise to report except for my last brick before I left. I didn't decide to even work out until 11 pm on Friday night. I'm glad I did. I had every reason not to go but I decided to tough it out and "harden" up. I got out there early and hit the road. From the beginning I knew this wasn't going to be a good bike. I was warming up and my heart rate was already sky high. That was probably due to the lack of sleep. I got through it and finished with about 20 miles on the bike. Pulling back into Jackson Road I had decided to not even try to run. The bike was so bad I knew that the run would be bad too. Knowing that I probably would not have time to exercise the upcoming week I decided to give it a go. When I started I made up my mind that I was going to make up the bad bike with a good run. Mental people it is all mental. What I seem to struggle with most in this sport of triathlon is the mental aspect. I have a hard time pushing myself. I was going to change this all in one day. I told myself at least 4 miles. The longest I had ever run off of the bike before this day was 3 miles. I know that is nothing to alot of people but it is alot to me. I know baby steps first. I read alot of these triathlon blogs and forums and I read about people starting triathlon with a running or biking background. I don't have that luxury. I guess my background could be golf or playstation but nothing to do with endurance. In no way am I saying that golf is easy but it definitely doesn't have anything to do with endurance. Also, I did play 3 sports in high school but triathlon uses a different kind of athleticism. I would say that it is more mental than athleticism anyway. Ok back to the run. I knocked out 4.5 miles in 38:30. I actually could have run more but had to go. I actually wanted to run more but just couldn't. I toughed it out mentally and physically. This is what people call in the endurance sports world a breakthrough. I call it a little bit of confidence and run with it. I know I live in awesome world.

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  1. It sounds like a breakthrough to me! Now it is time to build on that breakthrough – consistency is the key.