Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Trek the Trace

Ok last week was a difficult week as in finding time to workout. I did manage 2 runs and a brick on Saturday. Nothing major. I had a horrible time on my bike Saturday. I was headed out to Sumrall or up Epley Road and back to Jackson Rd. I am not even through warming up and my heart rate is in overdrive. I don't know why this has been happening to me lately. The weird thing is it is only happening on the bike. No problems with the run. I think I might have it figured out and I am going to test it out on my next bike. I don't think I am warming up properly. Who would think I would have to have an exagerrated warm up in this heat but we will see. Well that was just the beginning of it. In the middle of my out I look down and see that my back tire is going flat. Still no big deal. I figured I would fix it at my turnaround. So I get to Epley Road and when the type of pavement changes I figure I really need to fix it now. So I stop and try to fix it and my CO2 is out. All I really did was flatten the tire even more. Now I can't go anywhere without some air. I walk my bike back to Epley Station and a guy has a pump. I aired it up and head back to Jackson Road. I am not trying this again because I on top of all of this I left my cell phone. Anyway I finish up at Jackson Road and have a small transition run. I ran 2.5 miles. I was just glad to finish.

Monday I made it out to the Trace for a run. I looked at weather.com on my phone and it says that it is 92 but feels like 101. I love it. I decided I wouldn't do any good with pushing myself so I just decided to run 10 minute miles and go 4 miles. I did with not much problem. 4 miles in 40:16.

On Tuesday I even made it to the pool. I swam a while but could really tell I haven't been but I need to get in there more. Especially if I am going to do the triathlon in Gulf Shores next month. It was really hot being outside swimming but I need the work. I think the run home was hotter though. On Tuesdays in August our local running club puts on "Trek the Trace." It is an event where the runners predict their time for 2 miles and then go run it without any type of electronics. No watches, GPS or even Ipods. Whoever runs the closest to their predicted time wins a prize. With swimming and running earlier in the day I didn't want to be over ambitious so I predicted 17:45. I ran 17:54. I was pleased with it even though I didn't run. 2 people were 2 seconds from their prediction. One lady did so even running 2 miles in under 13 minutes. I love this event because you get to see everyone and also everybody brings some kind of food and you eat afterwards. Hopefully we will be able to make all of them. How about my runner wife ran hers in 20:40. If she didn't talk to whoever she is running with she could do even better but she is doing great!

As a side note I am down 10 pounds from when I threw down the guantlet about a month ago with Jenn. Woot woot!!!

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