Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Don't Punk Out

This t-shirt says it all. First off what a smart logo. I wish I would have thought of it. I would have it in every bike and running store in 3 states plus trisports.com and all3sports.com. But I didn't. Anyway, I have been trying to workout with this motto. My thoughts have been to add more effort in my workouts whether it be by intensity or duration or both. With this thought in mind I decided to give it a try. I reported last week about my other 2 workouts. Good start to the week. On Wednesday, I had to travel to Oxford. I decided to run on the Ole Miss campus. It was a nice run. It had some inclines, some hilll and plenty of flats. I started out in the infamous "Grove" and to be honest with you yes it is nice but I don't see what the fuss is all about. We have that here at Southern Miss but anyway. I ran back and forth all up and down campus. I even found a trail to run for a while. I also ran by some glass buildings and got to check my form and it was looking pretty good. I decided to run for 45 minutes. Well as part of the new not punking out I finished with right at an hour and 5 minutes. Good stuff. I am glad that I pushed on further. I need to do more of that. On Thursday I took the day off. On Friday once again I made it out to the Trace for a run. It was in the heat of the day but these runs are seeming to get easier. I wanted strictly to do a recovery run because my knee had swollen quite a bit. I planned on running for 30 minutes but again I ran longer. I ran for 45 good long slow distance. Maybe I can continue to run longer than I set out all of the time.

I was really busy over the weekend and didn't have any time to workout. I hate that I missed them but I was ok with it because I had some good quality workouts during the week. On Monday I was looking for every reason not to go run. The swelling in my knee hadn't gone down all the way so I could use that excuse. Plus, the tray off of Jackson's high chair dropped and fell directly on my toe nail so there was another excuse. Even with my two good reasons I still set out from the house and hit the roads in the neighborhood. Not 1 minute into the run I almost stopped and called it a night but I thought to myself could I really do this or just tough it out and be glad I did later. I sucked it up and ran for 42 minutes. I don't know how many miles it was I just know the time. There were plenty of good hills and that is always a good thing. Once again I was proud of my effort. I had somewhat of a come to Jesus meeting with myself on this run. I was thinking of all the people that I knew that were doing the Eagleman Tri in October. After thinking of this I have now found my competition. I'm not going to let anyone know who this is but I am coming after this guy. Don't even ask who it is just know I'm going to smoke this guy. Also, it is not Gage. I believe he is doing this one but I have already smoked him. Gage I hope you are reading this like you say you are. Anyway, with him in mind I found myself running a little faster. I need to do this every time I set out to run. I might also need to do so every time I am hungry. Probably more so than when I go work out.

I will also be getting something very soon that will even make me even faster. Not really but at least I like to think this way. The answer is new shoes. K-Swiss K Ona size 11.5.

You know what they say about people with big shoes right? Big socks. But actually I don't wear socks when running so it doesn't matter.


  1. When the legs hurt, you can always swim!

    I also have my nemeses. I usually let them know who they are!

    Regarding the taper - it really is on - honest - lots of swimming this week and not many miles.

  2. I'm glad you like my t-shirt man. Hit me up on facebook. Don't Punk Out or Paul Pulsifer. Going to have new DPO cycling, Try stuff coming soon.