Thursday, August 6, 2009

Can't even carry her jock

Ok so I had my blog post all mapped out. I was going to stand up on my soapbox and deliver a "Rockne" like speech. One like even you are with me or you are against me and if you're not with me then you must be against me. I was going to make a battle call. One that Sir William Wallace would be proud of. Then I go reading my blog list and run across this lady off of someone else's blog. Now I don't think I will post about anything else other than my measly 2 workouts. I might not even post about that. I mean this girl is posting about calling out a dude, how many time she will puke her intestines up, and living off of mango and broussel sprouts only. Maybe I am not "hard" enough. Who knows but I like her attitude. I at least like the way she talks about what she is going to do. Whenever I am not feeling right I think I will just read her blog. She made me want to go workout. I like her. Maybe I need a little bit of Mary Eggers in me. Maybe we all need some of her in us. (also what is she doing married to a 53 year old at 35, sugar daddy maybe) Whatever works. So with that in mind I believe I will go be her for a workout or 2 and then come back and post about it.

Title of next post "Look like a pro, Race like a pro?" Stick around.

1 comment:

  1. There will be No Eggers-like challenges in our household! I am not interested in puking my intestines up and/or living off mangos and sprouts.