Thursday, August 20, 2009

Running without a Purpose

I know I can't believe it 2 posts in a week.

Normally on Tuesday our local running club has Trek the Trace so Jenn and I set out to do that only to have it cancelled not long before it was to start. Having already gotten my parents to agree to watch the boys Jenn and I still went out there to run. We don't have that luxury all of the time so we took advantage of it. Plus I knew some of the other people would still be there and they were. It turned out to be a nice night and I guess it shouldn't have been cancelled. Jenn's running plan said for 3 miles so we set out. She hates running with me because she has to put in too much effort to try to keep up with me so I said I would follow behind her. That didn't work. She told me to go ahead and pass her but to turn around and 1.5 miles. That is what I was going to do. I really like running with Jenn because it is not about me but her. I don't have to watch my pace or heartrate. I can just run without a purpose which is nice sometimes. I got out ahead of her and headed for the 1.5 miles sign which is just past West Hills Road. I stopped because mother nature was calling and Jenn had already turned around. Later I find out she said 2.5 miles not 3. I'm sure she told me I just wasn't listening. Anyway, I went out to a mile and 3/4's. I turned around and headed back in. On the way back just past 59 I had the urge to stop. I need to fight through these things. I was coming in much faster than I was going out because I knew Jenn would be waiting around for me. I have to fight through these urges and I did just that. I kept telling myself to run to the next lightpole. There are a bunch of them on that end of the Trace. Once I would pass one I would say make it to the next one. I guess these are mini one minute promises. Anyway, I did this all the way back. This is really good for me. I need to get a lot stronger in the mental game.

Wednesday I had plans to do hill repeats on my bike. I haven't been on the bike in quite some time. I was going to do the hill headed out of Sumrall back towards Jackson Rd. It is a somewhat long hill and a decent incline. Doing hill repeats is something I need to do more of. I get to Sumrall and unload my bike. I had to air my tires up since the last time so I go and do that. After airing up the back tire I move to the front only to hear the back tire lose all pressure. The tube popped. Not wanting to fix it and also not having my spare tube I loaded the bike back up and headed home. When I got home I was supposed to get meet Jenn and the boys at her mothers. I decided to run there and see how fast I could get there. They live in our neighborhood right at 3 quarters of a mile away. It is all hills to their house so I felt like it would be a good test. I just took off with no warm up and was about to die up the first hill which also happens to be the steepest and longest. Went out too fast. Imagine that. Anyway I fought through it and finished in 5:44 which is like a 7:40 mile. I will take it considering all of the hills.

At the Trace today I saw something I have never seen. I actually saw a guy on his bike wearing a bluetooth ear piece. I guess he doesn't want to be missing any calls. I wonder if the person on the other end would even be able to hear him. Oh well. I had plans to run about 4 miles. I didn't have any other plan except to have negative splits on the way back. Before I get to that it is just unbelievable the people I see out at the Trace every time I go. I see this one man EVERY time. It doesn't matter early or late I see this older gentleman that wears glasses that transition when the sun is out riding his grey Trek with aerobars every time I go. On top of him I have some Saturday regulars I see. There is an Asian couple I meet heading back into Jackson station riding recumbent bikes every Saturday. Back to the workout, I ran out to 2 miles and made my way back. On my way back as I am approaching Lake Thoreau Rd a guy turns around at a mile and a half and heads back right in front of me. No big deal. I wasn't mad at him or anything but now I had to pass this guy and leave him especially since he was wearing khakis and a wife beater. I go past him and actually turn up Lake Thoreau Rd and run that hill. Coming back I made my last mile my fastest. My last mile was in 8:35. Once again good for me especially since it was my last. Maybe I am figuring out this mental aspect.

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  1. You hit the nail on the head.....earlier in the post about mental. None of this stuff is physical, it is almost 100% mental. Your body can do lots if your mind allows for it. Impressed with the blog and with your tri's. Maybe we can meet up for a race sometime soon...