Sunday, August 30, 2009

Catching Up

It has really been a long time since my last post. I don't even remember where I left off. I do know that I had last weekend off and actually made it to the pool on Monday. I have really got to get back in there on a consistent basis. I can really tell that I haven't been. I still feel somewhat fluid in the pool but after a while my stroke starts to break down. I had a good workout and will be in there at least twice this week. Jenn and I also ran out on the Trace. To change things up we went to Epley and ran back towards Clyde. I swear before we left she said she was doing 3 miles so I head out at least to the 1.5 mile marker. She for some reason doesn't like me to run with her so I got out ahead of her. With no set plan I decided to do some strides in the middle of my run. 40 seconds normal running, 20 seconds of fast running. I did 4 minutes of those. They got to be really hard. When I turned around just past the 1.5 mile marker Jenn is nowhere to be found. She said she said 2.5 miles. Whatever. Guess I wasn't listening, again. After we ran Jenn mentioned how tough it was at the end and it is because you really don't notice it but you are going uphill heading into Epley. I think she had to make a few one minute promises to finish. I love it.

Tuesday I went out the Trek the Trace put on by the Pine Belt Pacers. This week was a 2 man team total time contest. Jenn wasn't feeling well so I didn't have a partner. I was given a partner, Vicky Copeland. We were talking and she asked me if I wanted to pace at 8 minute miles. I told sure she could but she would have to wait for me at the finish line. We decided on 9 minute miles or 18 minutes for the race. We started out good and I thought we were pacing just fine but I could feel us fading just a bit at the end. It was good to see her double stride for my one stride but I am not saying anything bad because she is a much better runner than I am. I thought we might need to pick it up some but didn't say anything. Anyway, we finished at 18:18. Not too bad. I am just glad that 9 minute miles is now somewhat of a comfortable pace for me. I will take it.

Wednesday I decided to ride my bike. It had been almost 3 weeks since I have ridden. I have been having a problem with my heartrate going sky high on the bike so I decided to not to take a heart rate monitor or watch. No goal in place but to just ride. I rode out to Epley and made my way back. Also, guess who I saw just as I was getting started. Yep. The old man in sunglasses. Every time. While on the bike I was actually thinking about running. Normally this would never happen. I guess my somewhat recent success running has me wanting to do it.

My new shoes came in on Thursday. I love them. They are so light. Only 9 oz. Not bad for not being a racing flat. I ran on the treadmill for 2.5 miles trying out the new shoes. Good as advertised.

I had my brick on Saturday. My goal was to warm up all the way to Clyde Station and then on to Sumrall and back to Jackson Rd for a transition run. Hopefully this way my heartrate won't get sky high with the longer warm up. So I set out and again guess who I see. Yep the old man. Anywas I logged 23 miles on the bike and a 2 mile transtition run. With the weather getting cooler I expected to see a ton of people out on the Trace. I didn't see as many as I thought I would. I saw a good bit of the normal people not it wasn't as busy as I thought it would be. I did see a deer too. It let me get almost right up to it before it ran off. I also saw my running partner from Tuesday but I don't think she noticed me. She looked at me like I had 2 heads. She was probably thinking who is that guy struggling so bad waving at me and why is sweating so much.

Sunday I had planned to ride out to my parents house on my bike. I decided against it and headed to the trace for a run. I wanted to get in 6 miles. I ran 6 miles right at 60 minutes. I didn't try any speed or anything out of the ordinary. I just wanted to run consistently. At the end I was really struggling though. I ran in my new shoes and I haven't broken them in all of the way so my lower legs were starting to hurt. It was a nice run even though it was really hot at that time of the day.

Also, my main man Jacob got a bike. Jenn went ahead and got his Christmas present in August so we had to hide it in the attic. I will have pics of it up on my next post. It won't be too long and he and I will be riding out on the trace. I can't wait!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Running without a Purpose

I know I can't believe it 2 posts in a week.

Normally on Tuesday our local running club has Trek the Trace so Jenn and I set out to do that only to have it cancelled not long before it was to start. Having already gotten my parents to agree to watch the boys Jenn and I still went out there to run. We don't have that luxury all of the time so we took advantage of it. Plus I knew some of the other people would still be there and they were. It turned out to be a nice night and I guess it shouldn't have been cancelled. Jenn's running plan said for 3 miles so we set out. She hates running with me because she has to put in too much effort to try to keep up with me so I said I would follow behind her. That didn't work. She told me to go ahead and pass her but to turn around and 1.5 miles. That is what I was going to do. I really like running with Jenn because it is not about me but her. I don't have to watch my pace or heartrate. I can just run without a purpose which is nice sometimes. I got out ahead of her and headed for the 1.5 miles sign which is just past West Hills Road. I stopped because mother nature was calling and Jenn had already turned around. Later I find out she said 2.5 miles not 3. I'm sure she told me I just wasn't listening. Anyway, I went out to a mile and 3/4's. I turned around and headed back in. On the way back just past 59 I had the urge to stop. I need to fight through these things. I was coming in much faster than I was going out because I knew Jenn would be waiting around for me. I have to fight through these urges and I did just that. I kept telling myself to run to the next lightpole. There are a bunch of them on that end of the Trace. Once I would pass one I would say make it to the next one. I guess these are mini one minute promises. Anyway, I did this all the way back. This is really good for me. I need to get a lot stronger in the mental game.

Wednesday I had plans to do hill repeats on my bike. I haven't been on the bike in quite some time. I was going to do the hill headed out of Sumrall back towards Jackson Rd. It is a somewhat long hill and a decent incline. Doing hill repeats is something I need to do more of. I get to Sumrall and unload my bike. I had to air my tires up since the last time so I go and do that. After airing up the back tire I move to the front only to hear the back tire lose all pressure. The tube popped. Not wanting to fix it and also not having my spare tube I loaded the bike back up and headed home. When I got home I was supposed to get meet Jenn and the boys at her mothers. I decided to run there and see how fast I could get there. They live in our neighborhood right at 3 quarters of a mile away. It is all hills to their house so I felt like it would be a good test. I just took off with no warm up and was about to die up the first hill which also happens to be the steepest and longest. Went out too fast. Imagine that. Anyway I fought through it and finished in 5:44 which is like a 7:40 mile. I will take it considering all of the hills.

At the Trace today I saw something I have never seen. I actually saw a guy on his bike wearing a bluetooth ear piece. I guess he doesn't want to be missing any calls. I wonder if the person on the other end would even be able to hear him. Oh well. I had plans to run about 4 miles. I didn't have any other plan except to have negative splits on the way back. Before I get to that it is just unbelievable the people I see out at the Trace every time I go. I see this one man EVERY time. It doesn't matter early or late I see this older gentleman that wears glasses that transition when the sun is out riding his grey Trek with aerobars every time I go. On top of him I have some Saturday regulars I see. There is an Asian couple I meet heading back into Jackson station riding recumbent bikes every Saturday. Back to the workout, I ran out to 2 miles and made my way back. On my way back as I am approaching Lake Thoreau Rd a guy turns around at a mile and a half and heads back right in front of me. No big deal. I wasn't mad at him or anything but now I had to pass this guy and leave him especially since he was wearing khakis and a wife beater. I go past him and actually turn up Lake Thoreau Rd and run that hill. Coming back I made my last mile my fastest. My last mile was in 8:35. Once again good for me especially since it was my last. Maybe I am figuring out this mental aspect.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Don't Punk Out

This t-shirt says it all. First off what a smart logo. I wish I would have thought of it. I would have it in every bike and running store in 3 states plus and But I didn't. Anyway, I have been trying to workout with this motto. My thoughts have been to add more effort in my workouts whether it be by intensity or duration or both. With this thought in mind I decided to give it a try. I reported last week about my other 2 workouts. Good start to the week. On Wednesday, I had to travel to Oxford. I decided to run on the Ole Miss campus. It was a nice run. It had some inclines, some hilll and plenty of flats. I started out in the infamous "Grove" and to be honest with you yes it is nice but I don't see what the fuss is all about. We have that here at Southern Miss but anyway. I ran back and forth all up and down campus. I even found a trail to run for a while. I also ran by some glass buildings and got to check my form and it was looking pretty good. I decided to run for 45 minutes. Well as part of the new not punking out I finished with right at an hour and 5 minutes. Good stuff. I am glad that I pushed on further. I need to do more of that. On Thursday I took the day off. On Friday once again I made it out to the Trace for a run. It was in the heat of the day but these runs are seeming to get easier. I wanted strictly to do a recovery run because my knee had swollen quite a bit. I planned on running for 30 minutes but again I ran longer. I ran for 45 good long slow distance. Maybe I can continue to run longer than I set out all of the time.

I was really busy over the weekend and didn't have any time to workout. I hate that I missed them but I was ok with it because I had some good quality workouts during the week. On Monday I was looking for every reason not to go run. The swelling in my knee hadn't gone down all the way so I could use that excuse. Plus, the tray off of Jackson's high chair dropped and fell directly on my toe nail so there was another excuse. Even with my two good reasons I still set out from the house and hit the roads in the neighborhood. Not 1 minute into the run I almost stopped and called it a night but I thought to myself could I really do this or just tough it out and be glad I did later. I sucked it up and ran for 42 minutes. I don't know how many miles it was I just know the time. There were plenty of good hills and that is always a good thing. Once again I was proud of my effort. I had somewhat of a come to Jesus meeting with myself on this run. I was thinking of all the people that I knew that were doing the Eagleman Tri in October. After thinking of this I have now found my competition. I'm not going to let anyone know who this is but I am coming after this guy. Don't even ask who it is just know I'm going to smoke this guy. Also, it is not Gage. I believe he is doing this one but I have already smoked him. Gage I hope you are reading this like you say you are. Anyway, with him in mind I found myself running a little faster. I need to do this every time I set out to run. I might also need to do so every time I am hungry. Probably more so than when I go work out.

I will also be getting something very soon that will even make me even faster. Not really but at least I like to think this way. The answer is new shoes. K-Swiss K Ona size 11.5.

You know what they say about people with big shoes right? Big socks. But actually I don't wear socks when running so it doesn't matter.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Trek the Trace

Ok last week was a difficult week as in finding time to workout. I did manage 2 runs and a brick on Saturday. Nothing major. I had a horrible time on my bike Saturday. I was headed out to Sumrall or up Epley Road and back to Jackson Rd. I am not even through warming up and my heart rate is in overdrive. I don't know why this has been happening to me lately. The weird thing is it is only happening on the bike. No problems with the run. I think I might have it figured out and I am going to test it out on my next bike. I don't think I am warming up properly. Who would think I would have to have an exagerrated warm up in this heat but we will see. Well that was just the beginning of it. In the middle of my out I look down and see that my back tire is going flat. Still no big deal. I figured I would fix it at my turnaround. So I get to Epley Road and when the type of pavement changes I figure I really need to fix it now. So I stop and try to fix it and my CO2 is out. All I really did was flatten the tire even more. Now I can't go anywhere without some air. I walk my bike back to Epley Station and a guy has a pump. I aired it up and head back to Jackson Road. I am not trying this again because I on top of all of this I left my cell phone. Anyway I finish up at Jackson Road and have a small transition run. I ran 2.5 miles. I was just glad to finish.

Monday I made it out to the Trace for a run. I looked at on my phone and it says that it is 92 but feels like 101. I love it. I decided I wouldn't do any good with pushing myself so I just decided to run 10 minute miles and go 4 miles. I did with not much problem. 4 miles in 40:16.

On Tuesday I even made it to the pool. I swam a while but could really tell I haven't been but I need to get in there more. Especially if I am going to do the triathlon in Gulf Shores next month. It was really hot being outside swimming but I need the work. I think the run home was hotter though. On Tuesdays in August our local running club puts on "Trek the Trace." It is an event where the runners predict their time for 2 miles and then go run it without any type of electronics. No watches, GPS or even Ipods. Whoever runs the closest to their predicted time wins a prize. With swimming and running earlier in the day I didn't want to be over ambitious so I predicted 17:45. I ran 17:54. I was pleased with it even though I didn't run. 2 people were 2 seconds from their prediction. One lady did so even running 2 miles in under 13 minutes. I love this event because you get to see everyone and also everybody brings some kind of food and you eat afterwards. Hopefully we will be able to make all of them. How about my runner wife ran hers in 20:40. If she didn't talk to whoever she is running with she could do even better but she is doing great!

As a side note I am down 10 pounds from when I threw down the guantlet about a month ago with Jenn. Woot woot!!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Can't even carry her jock

Ok so I had my blog post all mapped out. I was going to stand up on my soapbox and deliver a "Rockne" like speech. One like even you are with me or you are against me and if you're not with me then you must be against me. I was going to make a battle call. One that Sir William Wallace would be proud of. Then I go reading my blog list and run across this lady off of someone else's blog. Now I don't think I will post about anything else other than my measly 2 workouts. I might not even post about that. I mean this girl is posting about calling out a dude, how many time she will puke her intestines up, and living off of mango and broussel sprouts only. Maybe I am not "hard" enough. Who knows but I like her attitude. I at least like the way she talks about what she is going to do. Whenever I am not feeling right I think I will just read her blog. She made me want to go workout. I like her. Maybe I need a little bit of Mary Eggers in me. Maybe we all need some of her in us. (also what is she doing married to a 53 year old at 35, sugar daddy maybe) Whatever works. So with that in mind I believe I will go be her for a workout or 2 and then come back and post about it.

Title of next post "Look like a pro, Race like a pro?" Stick around.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Out of town

So last week I was in Atlanta for most of the week and I didn't have any time to work out while there so I just took the whole week off. Meetings starting and 7 am and ending at 6pm it is pretty hard to find the time and on top of that dinner with the "team" every night. I haven't done this in a while and I have to say it was nice. The best thing about it is even with no working out and not watching what I ate I actually lost some weight. Also, I have to report that Jenn won the weight loss challenge. I did lose more weight but not as much of a percentage. Oh well, I hate admitting defeat but she won. I did lose weight which is good. I just need to continue to up until my triathlon in October. I am doing the Eagleman here in Hattiesburg put on by one of our local triathletes, Ben. I volunteered last year at this race and even though I didn't know what I was looking for it seemed to be a good race. I'm sure it will be good again this year. Ben wouldn't have it any other way. The good thing about this race is that it is a hometown race actually not too far from my parents house. I plan to do a lot of riding out there before the race and some running in the neighborhood. My neighborhood put in a 25 yard pool recently. How lucky is that. Not that they put in a pool but that they put in a 25 yarder. That gives me no excuse to not swim. The wellness center's pool is the same length. I will just miss out on all of the old ladies doing water aerobics. I hate that. Just kidding. I'm glad they are exercising. They do more than most.

I guess I don't have any exercise to report except for my last brick before I left. I didn't decide to even work out until 11 pm on Friday night. I'm glad I did. I had every reason not to go but I decided to tough it out and "harden" up. I got out there early and hit the road. From the beginning I knew this wasn't going to be a good bike. I was warming up and my heart rate was already sky high. That was probably due to the lack of sleep. I got through it and finished with about 20 miles on the bike. Pulling back into Jackson Road I had decided to not even try to run. The bike was so bad I knew that the run would be bad too. Knowing that I probably would not have time to exercise the upcoming week I decided to give it a go. When I started I made up my mind that I was going to make up the bad bike with a good run. Mental people it is all mental. What I seem to struggle with most in this sport of triathlon is the mental aspect. I have a hard time pushing myself. I was going to change this all in one day. I told myself at least 4 miles. The longest I had ever run off of the bike before this day was 3 miles. I know that is nothing to alot of people but it is alot to me. I know baby steps first. I read alot of these triathlon blogs and forums and I read about people starting triathlon with a running or biking background. I don't have that luxury. I guess my background could be golf or playstation but nothing to do with endurance. In no way am I saying that golf is easy but it definitely doesn't have anything to do with endurance. Also, I did play 3 sports in high school but triathlon uses a different kind of athleticism. I would say that it is more mental than athleticism anyway. Ok back to the run. I knocked out 4.5 miles in 38:30. I actually could have run more but had to go. I actually wanted to run more but just couldn't. I toughed it out mentally and physically. This is what people call in the endurance sports world a breakthrough. I call it a little bit of confidence and run with it. I know I live in awesome world.