Thursday, July 23, 2009

Nobody likes Hills

I actually was able to run twice on Monday. I worked in town and that allowed me to. At lunch, I ran on the treadmill for 40 minutes. No speed just long slow distance or junk mileage is what some people like to call it. I know I keep saying it but the run is getting much easier. I can run at paces I never thought I would be able to and paces that seemed hard to keep up just a month ago now are slow to me. I hope it stays this way. I made my way out to the trace about 5:30. I didn't have a plan in mind I was just going to run. I did right at 3 miles with an average pace of 9 min. I will take it.

I had to go out of town on Tuesday for work. I purposely stayed at a hotel that had a bike in the exercise room. My plan was to do all hill work on the exercise bike. Boy did I. I put it on the mountain setting. It was so hard. I finished up with just 30 minutes but it was a hard 30 minutes. My legs were jello when I got off. In fact they were still hurting me on Wednesday and they are still sore today but I need some hill work. My next triathlon has all hills on the bike course. I need to keep it up.


  1. Running twice a week - there are no junk miles. Keep it up! It will get even easier,

  2. I have made my C25K accountability log for my fridge!