Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Going good

So as you may know Jenn and I are in the weight loss challenge. I have to say that we are both doing good. I have lost more weight but not as much as a percentage hence she is winning. I cannot lose to her. Not that it is any big deal I just hate to lose. I will prevail. With competition pushing me along I have had a few good days. Let's just say I have crossed a bunch of workouts off of the list. I ran Monday night on the treadmill. I just did long slow distance for 35 min. I know that is really not long distance but it was slow and all I can take on the treadmill. I finished it off with 5o pushups. 3 miles/35 minutes. I really don't want to bore you with the diet but it was oatmeal and blueberries for breakfast, powerbar for snack, turkey bagel for lunch and mahi mahi, brown rice and butter beans for supper. Good stuff.

Tuesday was good too. I rode my bike on the trainer for 25 min (once again all I can stand on the trainer) and also had a short transition run on the treadmill. I have no clue how far I rode on the bike but only ran a fast mile on the treadmill. I also did some dips. I also had a good day on the diet. I won't go through the tedious details but it was good. I only have one small problem. When I was on the trainer my in-laws came by only to find my mother in law made some concoction with corn flakes, peanut butter and corn syrup. Not good. Last I checked none of that was on the diet. I am in trouble. Will power will have to prevail. I can do it.

For those of you that are reading my blog and commenting how not funny it is I am sorry. I just don't know how to make workouts funny. Although I am laughing alot while I am working out I just don't know how to transfer that to my blog. I mean what's funny about running on the tready or doing pushups. Sorry. But I will say this, those of you that did say it wasn't funny also happen to laugh at me all of the time. See that's funny. One last thing and Meg this one is for you. Hard work pays off in the future, laziness pays off now.

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