Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Catching Up

First let me start off by saying Happy Birthday to Jennifer. 30 years old. Congrats!

I haven't posted in a while. I have been off for work among other things. I am really starting to get this "chi running" technique. I really do believe it will work once I nail down the form. I have been out using it while running and it seems it will pay off. I am only having one problem with it. I am enjoying the speed that it brings along with the lower heart rate but I just go out and try to go too fast. I am running much faster and keeping a lower heart rate but I am unable to go any long distance. I need to learn to not go out too fast. I know that if I can just concentrate on the form and keep the lower speed the distance will come. The beauty of it is that with this technique all you have to do to go faster is to lean more. It is a great technique. I ran 3 times using this form last week all with great success. Saturday I went out for a ride. I loaded up the bike and set out for Jackson station at 5:45. I went to Sumrall and turned around and finished in just over an hour. No run just a ride. Also, very HOT!!

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