Monday, August 9, 2010

Maiden Voyage on the new Wheels

I had my first bike ride on my new set of wheels.  They are the HED Jet 6 on the front and the Jet 9 on the back.  They are nice.  I can really tell a difference.  Some people say they don't make a difference but I can tell that I can maintain a faster speed at a much lower power output and that's what we are all looking for right?  I have since had 2 other bike rides on them and it has been more of the same.  Thanks again HED. 

We also had our first scheduled tri club bike ride.  There have been other ones already but this one was the first one I could make.  There were six people show up and we road on and off of the trace for 31 miles.  We maintained a good pace but it wasn't too hard.  I actually got in about 75 cycling miles last week without any on the weekend.  I need to keep that up. Hopefully all of this will pay off come September 11.

I now do have some minimums set for my weekly training.  50 miles ridden 20 miles run and 2 hours swimming.  What a detailed training plan!!

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