Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Slipping Again

It seems like I am getting good at this.  Since I'm not that great at much (read swimming, biking, running) I am good at not blogging. Life and work seem to always get in the way.  Especially work.  I have one GOOD year and they double my expectations for the next year.  I can't complain too much though I did get a big year end bonus and an all expenses paid trip coming up in November.  So needless to say without having much time on my hands I haven't had much time to train.  I have been able to run some but not as much as I would like.  Oh well what can you do about it.  As my next race approaches (Sept 11) once again I am back in the pool.  I am so inconsistent about swimming.  I think I will be ok come race day though.  My plan is to get in as much swimming as I can these next 10 days.  Looking at my schedule I should be able to swim 5 more times.  I will be fine

Back a couple a weeks ago I was logging alot of miles on my bike.  In fact, I had the most miles I have ever had.  124 miles to be exact.  Most of that was done in groups too.  Our newly formed tri club has regularly schedules rides.  I hope this helps me in these next 2 races.  I'm sure it won't hurt.

Now that it is September I am anxiously awaiting 2 things.  Anyone want to guess what those are?  Football and cooler weather.  In fact, we (Southern Miss) kick off the year tomorrow.  Let's go Eagles!!  The cooler weather won't hurt either.  Just for it not to be in the 90's would be great.  Come on Fall.

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