Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day

I ended up bagging my swim workout on Friday. I just didn't have the time. We had my parents coming over for Father's Day Friday night. Plus, I wanted to be well rested for Saturday's brick.

I set the alarm Friday night for 5:30. I wanted to make sure I would have time to ride and run before it got too hot. Yeah right. The high for Saturday was supposed to be 98 and I wanted no part of that. I must have been really excited about riding and running because I woke up before my alarm even went off. Good for the others in the house. I left the house about 5:45. As I passed by the bank on the highway it was already 80 degrees. I get to the Trace and the top parking lot is already full. I am not the only one who wanted to beat the heat. I loaded up and set out towards Sumrall. I didn't think I would have any kind of speed or stamina mainly because I haven't been on my bike in almost 3 weeks plus the heat and humidity. I was pleasantly surprised. The screaming eagle (my bike) must have missed me. We were making good time. I really couldn't believe the amount of people out on the trace. I didn't pass or get passed by any bikers on the way out, but I passed a ton of people running. Once I made it to Sumrall my legs felt really good. Almost like I could have kept going but I headed back towards Jackson Station. On my way back as I was pulling into Epley station I got passed by Mike from my swim class. Who knows how long he had been behind me? Probably not very long. He is really fast, but he did pass me while I had slowed down to get a drink of water. We spoke and he went on by me. I wanted to keep my own pace but I decided to try to pace off of him. I just kept him in my sight and kept trucking along back into Jackson Station. I completed 21 miles in 1:05 and that is with slowing down tremendously for water breaks. That is just under 20 mph. Good for me. When I was done I did a small run of 1.5 miles at 9 min/mile. I have been reading the book Chi Running. I haven't finished yet but I tried some of the techniques from what I have read and there seems to be some truth to it. More on that at a later date. I was definitely tired but not nearly as tired as I thought I would be. As I was heading home the bank said it was 88 degrees. At 8 o'clock in the morning that just isn't right.

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