Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Beginning

Here goes nothing. This blog is created to create some accountability in myself. I have done one triathlon and actually beat my goal time but still have failed miserably along the way. The way I have failed has been in my exercising and my diet. I figure that if I am not able to do this on my own that I could write this blog and at least you people that may or may not read it can hold me accountable. My main goal for this blog would be to record my exercise and publish my diet (or lack there of) and maybe have some fun along the way. To explain the title of my blog, you may or may not know that a triathlon consists of swim, bike and a run in that order. Most people say that a triathlon is won or lost in the run. Out of these 3 disciplines I struggle with the run the most. Coincidentally, I have been running the longest. I am okay in the swim, decent in the bike but am really frustrated with my run. The one minute promise is the promise to myself while I am running to run for just one more minute then I can walk. Hopefully after that one minute is up I will make another promise to myself in hopes of continuing running until the end. I read a book about a guy that made these promises the whole way through a marathon in an Ironman event. Hence, for me "one minute promises."

As of right now for this week I am just going to catch up on the week so far.

Monday-back in the pool. Main set of 5oo yds, 300 yds pull bouy, 4x50 on the .50/ 4x100, and a 300 yd cool down. As far as the eating goes, no breakfast, powerbar for mid-morning snack, apple and powerbar for lunch some spaghetti for dinner. Also, 50 pushups before bed. Overall this is a good day I just wish I had more like this one.

Tuesday- 25 min run in the neighborhood. Our neighborhood is very hilly unlike where I usually run which is the Longleaf Trace. I enjoy the hills for the most part but not last night. Man it is really hot. I ran with only my watch and Ipod, no heart rate monitor. Even though I ran without my heart rate monitor I could tell it was really elevated. Your heart rate can really spike in the heat because it takes that much more exertion just to cool yourself off. I probably ran 2.5 miles in that 25 minutes and did 50 pushups after the run. For breakfast I had a bagel, powerbar for mid morning snack, salad with shrimp and crabmeat for lunch, apple for mid afternoon snack and pork with field peas and rice and bread for dinner. I also had a few cookies. (not good)

Today- off day for the workout. Breakfast-powerbar, lunch- shrimp and grits, mid afternoon snack 2 nutrigrain bars and dinner we had philly cheese steak sandwiches. I really did bad before dinner and snacked. Not that snacking is bad if you eat the right things. I don't think Fritos is the right thing. But, down 2 pounds for the week. We will see how tomorrow is.

I fail mostly in my diet because of snacking. I can do really well sometimes like eating fruit when I am hungry but right before supper I am bad about having chips or sweets or anything bad. Maybe that I am having to write it down I will do this less. That is my goal anyway.

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