Thursday, July 22, 2010

Race of Grace Triathlon Race Report

Well apparently this has become just a blog for my race reports. I know it has been a while but I do have a good excuse and some great info to tell you.  My excuse has been my job.  Why does my job have to get in the way with triathlon?  Why do we have to work?  Why can't I just be independently wealthy?  Oh well I did finish out my year at my job in good fashion and the race wheels have been ordered.  They should be here some time next week.  More on that in a moment.  Now I just have to wait to see if I won a free trip to Hawaii from my job.  I should know sometime soon. I promise I will have at least one post a week.  That is my promise to you.  I know you people aren't just the same without my riveting blog being updated.  I do have two new avenues of accountability but I will update this blog.  Onto the race!

I decided to enter this triathlon the week of the actual race.  I did it on a whim because a few other people here from Hattiesburg were also doing it.  My plans were also to go up the night before and stay in a hotel but that was also scratched.  Jason and I ended up driving up the day of.  We left at 4:15 and got there in plenty of time.  I did the whole prerace routine.  (packet, set up transition, warm up)

First up, 1/4 mile swim.  It was a time trial format based on finishing time.  I conservatively said 9 minutes.  My swim went well actually.  Especially for the small time I put into it.  Hopefully that will change soon.  We might have a masters class getting set up where I swim.  I finished in 7:49 and felt ready for the bike or at least I thought so.

 Transition went well and I hit the bike course.  It was really starting to get hot about this time.  On the out of the course it was all uphill or so it seemed.  I could tell I was not going very fast. I hit the turnaround anxiously awaiting all of the alleged downhill.  I must have been wrong because the back also seemed all uphill.  Once back into transition I was just ready for this race to be over.  I'm not making excuses but it was a pretty tough bike course.  It was on all chip seal road which always slows you down.  The guy that won averaged 23 mph and he can do that in his sleep so I know it was tough.

I finished my 5k.  That's about all I can say about it.  I finished and also it was HOT!!

Right after we left the race the bank sign said 98 degrees and in the Yukon it said 92 degrees so I am sure it was somewhere in the middle.  The race organizers did a good job with the heat.  They were passing out sponges out of baby pools filled with water and ice and had a well placed aid station with water and gatorade.  They also were giving massages and had plenty of good food.  I will definitely do this one again.

To date this is my longest triathlon (1/4 mi swim, 18 mi bike, 5k) and still just my 3rd one.  I also didn't anticipate even racing this one.  I'm not going to get to upset over it.  I do have my 2 "A" races of the year upcoming.  Sept 11th-Tri4Life and October 9th-Mighty Magnolia (hometown race) with a 5k thrown in on August 21st (which I should be running with some friends and I hope to beat)

When I first started looking for race wheels I found a website that definitely has the best deal going.
Not only were there prices lower than everywhere else but they gave you a 15% credit on items purchased for other product.  I ended up getting my tires and tubes and a pair of bike ihorts and I still have money left over.

Lastly, we have our first hattiesburg tri club meeting tonight.  It will be interesting to see how many people we have show up.  I am guessing more than most people think we will.

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