Thursday, December 10, 2009

Stomach Virus 10k

I know it has been a while since my last post but I still don't have much to report. The last time was the day before the 10k here in Hattiesburg. Well....that didn't happen. I got the good old stomach virus. I started feeling badly late Friday night and it didn't get any better. There was almost no sleep either. I felt so bad in the middle of the night I even turned off my alarm. I still woke up in time to go but there was no chance. I was sick all Saturday.

So with no races planned for the rest of the year I decided to take on a new challenge. A non-swim-bike-run challenge. I have given up diet drinks. Normally I would say just diet coke and everyone that lives here in the South would know that meant all drinks but I do have some non-southern readers. I have to say that is has been alot easier than I thought it would be. I really haven't missed them at all. I even bought some caffeine pills to subside the lack of caffeine and I think I have only taken two. The best side effect has been the loss of weight. It has just been peeling off. Shhhh...nobody tell Jenn I am losing weight because I cut out the diet drinks. She has been saying it would do it but I will never admit to her that is why. Just don't tell her. I am not far from my weight in 10th grade.

Running has been most of my exercise. I have been doing it some and I have even ridden my bike, but still no swimming. I signed up to run a 10k next Saturday and I have been training some for that. I won't be there to set any recors. My main goal now has to be just to start and finish with the way my last two races have gone.

Hey what do you know now my Saints are 12-0.

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