Friday, November 6, 2009

Gordon's Creek Downtown Hattiesburg 10k

I am such a bad blogger. Or at least I am bad at actually blogging. It is just so hard to do during football season (my first passion). I mean we almost have football on every night of the week and I love it. Even though I haven't been blogging I have been training. I have run these past few weeks more than I ever have mileage wise. I am ready or at least I think I am. I had a hilly 7 mile run in and around my neighborhood last Saturday that was good. I really pushed the pace in the latter half to check my fitness. I don't know if this course will be flat or hilly but I am sure with it being downtown there won't be many hills that are brutal. Honestly I don't even know where I am supposed to go tomorrow. I think it starts at the train depot. My son Jacob will be jealous. He loves him some trains. Especially if one comes into the depot he will be sad he missed it. One thing good about tomorrow is the weather. It is supposed to be absolutely perfect for running. It should be in the upper 40's at the start of the race.

Unlike a triathon there is no packing for a 10k but there are a few equipment decisions to be made. The most important one is long sleeves or not. I could even go with my arm warmers and take them off if I need to. I'm afraid I would look like a dork if I had those. The second one are which shoes to wear. I could wear my new K Swiss that are lighter but don't offer as much support or my regular Brooks that I train in. Either way both pairs of shoes have laces that can't come untied so my problems at my last 5k can't happen. The last decision that had to be made has already been made. That is what music to load into my Ipod and please don't preach to me about running with an Ipod and safety issues. I don't have mine all of the way up and I am very aware of my surroundings. Instead of being upset with runners wearing Ipods I think we should look at all of the people wearing them inside of cars while driving. That can't be safe and I have been seeing alot of that lately.

I think you can learn alot about someone by what music they listen to so I will share my playlist for tomorrow for you guys to learn more about me. Just don't look to learn much.

My Playlist (Lance's mad tracks)

1. Solsbury Hill-Dave Matthews and friends
2. Naive-The Kooks (jenn's favorite song)
3. Lollipop-Lil Wayne
4. Calling You-Blue October
5. Cold-Crossfade
6. The '59 Sound-The Gaslight Anthem
7. Big Pimpin-Jay-Z
8. Hide and Seek-Imogen Heap
9. Richman-3OH!3
10. Emily Smiles-Blue Mountain
11. Soul Shine-Beth Hart
12. How We Operate-Gomez
13. I Will not Bow-Breaking Benjamin
14. Groove Me-Blue Mountain
15. I'm Not Your Boyfriend-3OH!3
16. Jellyroll-Cary Hudson
17. One Sweet World-Dave Matthews Band
18. Leave the Light On-Beth Hart
19. Til' Kingdom Comes-Coldplay
20. Anyone Seen the Bridge>Halloween-Dave Matthews Band
21. One Eyed Chicken-Beth Hart

I know for those of you that really know me not as much Dave Matthews Band as you expected. For the rest of you I don't know what you learned. Maybe that I have an eclectic choice in music. I guess so.

So back to the race. Do I have any time goals? No My only small goal is to have negative splits. I am going to find my pace, settle in, check myself at halfway and then if I am feeling good I plan to push the pace home. Wish me luck.

Back to the football. My saints are 7 and 0. Who dat?

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  1. You need to quit blogging about upcoming races. Apparently it is bad luck :)