Monday, September 14, 2009

Back at It

There really hasn't been much working out lately with Jenn's surgery and all. But now she is much better and now I'm back at it. I did go ride the race course again on Saturday and it was somewhat better. I'm still having a problem with my heart rate jumping into overdrive within like 5 minutes of my ride but I finally think I have it figured out. I'm mashing on my pedals. I need to be working on smooth circles instead of what I have been doing. This will take some work or just me thinking about it while riding. One of the philosphies of "Chi Running" is to body sense or to be aware of what your body is doing. Well I will need to apply that to my bike and not mash on my pedals. Hey maybe I can write the book "Chi Cycling".

I was actually able to double up the workouts today. Yes I made my way to the pool today and had a good set. Now I just need to work on going back like 3 more times this week. It is in my plans. This has been my biggest struggle in preparing for my next triathlon. In my first one I stuck to my plan religiously but since I am not following a plan I have skipped out on the swim one too many times. This is all going to change (I think). I was also able to get in a 2 mile tempo run with a half mile warm up and a 3/4 mile cool down. After my walk to continue to cool down I decided to do another quarter mile speed session. I just felt like running fast. "Big Pimpin" was on my Ipod so what was I supposed to do. That is about it for me the past week.

Since that is all I have for a whole week I thought I would leave you with this poor guy.

While I can't take credit for finding this picture but what do you think was going through his mind. Where is his other shoe? With the time on the clock it couldn't have ben a long race. I just wonder what he ate or drank before his race to make him do that. Why didn't he kick off his other shoe? Caught up in the race I guess. Props to that guy!
I have been thinking alot about my triathlon lately and I am already getting nervous. Why? I don't know. I guess I'm nervous about my swim. Nervous about the bike course that I haven't mastered. Nervous about my Dad being there. I'm probably most nervous about that. Being the son of a football coach who still tries to prove himself to his Dad athletically just makes me nervous. Always has and always will. Speaking of my Dad. Happy Birthday Dad! 69 years old and still no grey hair. I'm sure lots of people are jealous.

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  1. Fears is not always a bad thing - if you are scared of the swim - then swim more - if you are scared of the bike - then bike more.

    But you will still be afraid until you are confident in your abilities. It just takes time. I was terrified before that ironman.