Friday, April 9, 2010

Race Time

I really need to start blogging more.  I have not been doing so hot.  I keep putting it off because I have some much to talk about.  I need to do it more and talk less.  On to the fun stuff.

April brings my first race.  I am doing the Woolmarket Biathlon on April 24.  It is a 5k followed by an 11 mile bike race.  They put on a series of 3 each summer and this is the first.  I know this course very well.  We used to live not far from where they put the race on.  It actually gets pretty hilly towards the end.  I am really looking forward to it.  Not only am I racing but I am working backwards.  I will run first then bike.  I guess I won't need to hold anything back on the bike for the run and I am anxious to do so.  My plan is to absolutely hurt myself on the bike.  I have a hard problem with pushing myself on the bike and I am looking at this as a good hard training ride.  I don't know why that is.  I can really push myself running and swimming but I fall short on the bike.  Part of the problem is most likely the distance involoved. 

After April I race at least once a month through October.  I love racing.  It beats the heck out of training.  Training blows.  Not really but it isn't racing.  Speaking of training I have been very happy with it.  I have been getting in a good bit of workouts.  I have even been getting up early and training.  I cannot complain.  I have also been seeing some progress.  I am most happy with the run. My speeds are alot faster than last year.  I guess this happens when you put in the time.  Most of my faster speeds can be attributed to my weight loss.  I have lost 29 pounds since September. Thank you Athlete's Eutrophia.

I have also started reading Chi Running again.  I just wanted to fine tune my running form.  I don't get caught up in all of the mind over matter mess.  I just want to have a good running form.  I want this form.

This is Mirinda Carfrae.  The professional triathlete known for her athletic running style.  Just a side note on her,  don't be suprised if she takes down Chrissie Wellington this year in Kona.  I'm not predicting, I'm just saying. 

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  1. Woo-hoo! Time to race!! Best of luck in the first one and the many races to come this year. And 29 pounds - AWESOME! Keep up the great work!!