Monday, October 12, 2009

Eagleman Race Report (sort of)

I woke up Saturday morning before my alarm clock went off. I was pumped. I knew that I could have trained more but I didn't care. I was going to make the most of this race and just do my best. I had my oatmeal and Accelerade, gathered all of my stuff and headed to the race spot. I was lucky since this was my hometown race and my "A" race. I got there very early and set my spot up. We really got lucky with the weather. Yes it was raining but it was actually in the low 70's. The high the day before was 92 so we got really lucky. We had assigned transition spots so I actually could have gotten there later but I wasn't rushed at all. I sat around and talked to a few people and let the nervousness build up. Finally I had to work some of that off. I went and ran and tried to warm up. I really felt good and my run felt fast. Maybe I would have something to offer on the run. Then I rode my bike for a few minutes.

Time to race. I made my way to the swim start. We had a time trial start from the beach every 3 seconds. Our start order was the order when we signed up and I was 264. Finally it was my turn. I started my watch and ran into the water. My goal for the swim was to find a good rhythm and stay in it. I did just that. I got on someone's feet and paced off of him. Everything was going good until the turn. This is where I got kicked right in the face. I know that is part of swimming but it just got me off rhythm. I never found my rhythm again and also got kicked again but by this time by someone I know. No problems. I made my way into T1, put on my helmet, shoes and headed out. I did my flying mount and made my way down the hill and into the first turn. Making the turn I sensed something wasn't right. My tire feels flat. Feeling defeated I pull over to the side to see what the problem is. Sure enough it is flat. I tried 2 CO2's to air it back up and it isn't going anywhere. I didn't pack a spare so I was DONE. BIG FAT DNF!! Finished before I even got started. I make my way back to the Yukon to put up my bike and who do I see first, my Dad. Great.

I was mad for a while but I realize it is just bad luck. I rode it that morning with no problems but yet it was flat come race time. Go figure. Oh well at least some people got to have fun at the race.

Yes Jacob and Jackson found the mud.
No worries about the race because there is no rest for the weary. I am running a 10k on November 7. This time around I won't have to worry about a flat tire just shoelaces that could come untied but I have taken care of that problem too.
Time to train.

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  1. DARN IT!! That's the trouble with triathlon - too many mechanical problems that could happen! Oh well - like you said, just got to move onto the to next one! Plenty of training time before your 10K! :)